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Maintenance, Warranty Work, Repairs

RV Service

Unlimited RV, a family-owned and operated dealership, offers fast, reliable, educated, and friendly RV servicing in Independence and Eldon, Missouri, also serving Kansas City and Osage Beach. Our skilled mechanics specialize in various campers, including Forest River models, and handle warranty work for many brands, as well as non-warranty repairs. As your preferred service partner for Grand Design and Forest River, we ensure you don’t lose valuable camping time waiting for service elsewhere. Contact us at 816-883-8988 Ext: 101 for appointments or visit us for routine maintenance and comprehensive RV repair needs.

We are your Grand Design and Forest River Preferred Service Partner, meaning we take care of all brands made by these manufacturers, no need to lose valuable camping time waiting on the other dealerships in town.

Recommended RV Maintenance

Below are some of the routine maintenance items that we provide per the manufacturer’s recommendations. If you want to know more about them or get a camper service scheduled, contact us.

Roof Preventive Maintenance

  • We inspect condition of the roof for voids, cracks, tears and damage
  • Clean roof with specially designed cleaning agents
  • Apply UV-Blocking treatment to protect the membrane and improve your roof life
  • According to most manufactures, this should be performed at least twice a year

Side Maintenance

  • Test slide outs for proper operation
  • Clean side walls
  • Lubricate slide seals and all slide components

Refrigerator Maintenance

  • Verify fridge is properly vented on roof and sidewall
  • Inspect and test all doors and seals
  • Check operation of control board

Furnace Service

  • Clean, inspect, adjust electrode assembly
  • Clean blower wheelTest module board/Inspect and clean board contacts
  • Test module board/Inspect and clean board contacts
  • Clean and inspect vent tubes and outer casing
  • Inspect fan motor
  • Reassemble furnace using new gaskets

Water System Check

  • Check water pump operation
  • Check all faucets
  • Check holding tanks
  • Complete a line pressure test


  • Drain all lines, tanks and water heater
  • Blow air through entire system lines
  • Pump anti-freeze through freshwater lines (if bypass is present)
  • Fill all traps
  • Includes 2 gallons of anti-freeze
  • This winterization does not include ice makers or washers


  • Drain and flush antifreeze
  • Connect valves
  • Inspect for leaks
  • Un-bypass hot water tank
  • Reinstall hot water drain plug
  • Reinstall customers water filter

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